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Privacy Policy

This web page elaborates on the privacy policy as adopted and followed by, an official website of A-Murphy’s Lock and Key which is having its physical presence at A-Murphy’s Lock and Key: 704-373-0562 (office), 704-576-2127 (mobile). This privacy policy discloses the company’s stand on safety and security of its customers’ data and details collected through this website. Throughout this webpage, the company, A-Murphy’s Lock and Key is referred to as ‘We’ whereas the customers will be referred to as ‘You’. By customer, we mean anyone who has already received our service or seeking for the same.

Collection, Use & Sharing of Customers’ Information

A Murphy’s Lock and Key collects information from the customers via its website The company requires only those details that are considered a necessity to provide locksmithing services to the customers. Furthermore, the site has access to only that information voluntarily disclosed and shared by the customers. Apart from a few exceptional cases, the company always ensures that no information provided by you will be disclosed to or shared with the third parties outside the organization.

If the company ever feels the need to contact you in response to your request for its service, it will use your contact information to do so. In that case, the act of using of your personal information will not be considered in defiance of its privacy policy and promise to maintain secrecy regarding your information.

The company may share your personal information with a third party if it feels doing so is a must in order to provide service to you, for example, to ship your order. The company will also use your personal data to contact you through email or telephone in order to notify about new launches or service or any chances in its privacy policy if you wish us to do so.

Your Access To and Control Over Information

You have the right to terminate any contract with this website any time you wish so. In order to do so, you are required to contact our website through telephone number or email address as provided in our ‘Contact’ page. While deciding to opt out of contract with us, please consider the following points:

1. See what data you have provided to the website

2. Request for deletion of any data that you have provided and consider as sensitive to your privacy and security

3. Request for any chance or correction of data that you have submitted to this website

Safety and Security of Client’s Information

This website takes utmost care to protect your personal information. The company understands that the information you voluntarily provide to us very sensitive. Considering your need for privacy regarding the details you have submitted to us through this website will always be protected online and offline as well. The website always makes it sure that information, no matter where it is collected from is encrypted as well as transmitted in the best way possible.